The Woods Collection

A Journey inspired by Nature




    There’s nothing more romantic and invigorating than the gentle scent of the spring forest. Light-green, newly-emerged leaves dance in the light surrounded by the delicate scent of spring flowers. Hear the birds! Indulge the fragrance! Feel the soft wind!That’s how our The Woods, DANCING LEAVES fragrance got inspired.

    Its delicate and generous Rosy aromas, with woody heart notes (Sandalwood & African’s Geranium), invites you to a world of spring brightness. The bottom notes of Patchouli and delicate White Flowers awaken your senses, just like Spring awakens the Woodlands.




    Inspired by the ancient Japanese practice shinrin-yoku, or "forest bathing“: the ritual of basking in the forest's atmosphere, as you move slowly, calmly, and mindfully. Soaking the forest atmosphere through all five senses while lingering for a few hours, works like a tonic for mind and body.

    With its woody notes, in the heart of Neroli and Vetiver oil, and its floral background with a touch of spice, The Woods, GREEN WALK is a real modern take on a forest therapy.




    In the dark, the forest is full of mysteries. Legends tell us stories about enchanted animals, elves, fairies, giants and other mythical creatures that thrive in the realm of the darkness. They are a threat, but also an opportunity for the heroes in us.The darkness of the night keeps your senses alert. It enhances every scent and every sound. It awakens your instincts.

    The thrill of the The Woods, DARK FOREST is re-created through this strong enchanting fragrance, based on Bergamont and Ginger and offering a subtle background of sweet vanilla and Neroli flowers.




    Summer forests are a leafy paradise. Even in scorching hot days, you are surrounded by freshness. The beauty of the leafage comforts your heart. But, when you reach to that part of the road where light streaks through the tree trunks in brilliant beams, you can’t help but feel in wonder. The energy and power of the sun invigorates and mesmerizes you.

    The Woods, PURE SHINE was inspired by the purity and joyfulness of being touched by the sun-rays.

    It has a very delicate and sweet heart note. Mandarin and Orange Oils create a sunshine of fresh notes. While citrus notes, softened with Neroli, delight you in this enchanted world.




    The Woods, SECRET SOURCE is inspired by the rare beauty of wild Orchids in the mighty rain forest.

    It represents the mystical spirit of nature at times when the perfectly symmetrical lines of orchid petals are bathed in sunshine and tropical flowers spread their exotic aroma.

    In moments like this, dreams are floating around. Romance is in the air. And you feel almost weightless.

    The combination of Vetiver and Vanilla Flower creates a sweet, intimate, and very delicate fragrance that carries you into this colorful and dreamlike world.




    The Woods, WILD ROSES was inspired by the cold forests of North America and the triumph of beauty in the harshest conditions.

    Here, in the midst of thorny bushes and chilly spring winds, the small petals of wild roses shine. They may not have the glamour and the polished look of the garden rose, but they are a real joy to the eye of every passer-by who dares to overcome the challenges of the wilderness.

    They adorn the woodland with their delicate fragrance and humble beauty, having triumphantly overcome the tests of harsh nature themselves.

    With its special blend of Citrus notes, immersed into a slightly flowery heart, The Woods evokes the vigor, endurance, and zeal of Wild roses. It feels like a cooling breeze, inviting us to keep reaching for the rose at the end of the journey.

About The Woods Collection

The real forest is around you, envelop yourself in a fragrant cocoon that surrounds you with the sensations of the calm and quietness as the leaves meditate. The nature’s clean aura that exists between the woods emanates from within you. The essence of the rain as it knocks on the doors of your mind, each drop with a secret, feed the flowers of your life and fill voids with your glistening glow.

An enchanting journey through the forest is the Woods Collection.

Latest News

The Woods Collection New launches

Dubai, UAE, October 6, 2016

The Woods Collection will be launching its latest perfume innovation: Twilight and the Dancing Sands, these are the names of these two editions, which were inspired by the nature toughness that represent the Twilight and the nature’s soft morning breath .

Both fragrances will be the new comers for the Woods Collection family.

  • The Dancing Sands brings a soft focus to the fragrance, giving an impression of softness and delicacy.
  • Twilight gives you the impression of strength and yet the enthusiasm of a sunny afternoon.

Coming soon to KSA!

Dubai, UAE, October 5, 2016

We are proud to announce that the Woods Collection will be available in all Woojoh stores and flagships in KSA the month of November.

Visit all Wojooh stores and try our collection or you can check wojooh for more information.

Available At Paris Gallery!

Dubai, UAE, August 21, 2016

The Woods Collection allows the wearer to immerse into an enchanting world of the forest. Available exclusively at Paris Gallery, each scent in The Woods Collection denotes different elements of nature’s woodlands, capturing its everlasting beauty and charming stories into bottles of unique fragrances.

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About The Woods Collection

The real forest is around you, envelop yourself in a fragrant cocoon that surrounds you with the sensations of the calm and quietness as the leaves meditate. The nature’s clean aura that exists between the woods emanates from within you.